Please attend the Social Justice Speakers Series for a presentation from Rhonda Williams, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Social Justice Institute, Case Western Reserve University

Her talk is titled: “Obscured Lives, Hidden Histories: Narratives Which Otherwise Have Yet to Be Told.”

DATE: Monday, February 27
TIME: 12-2 pm
PLACE: Jane Addams Hull-House, 800 S. Halsted St.

This talk brings together the three streams of Dr. Williams’ work within the context of a broader discussion of who is/is not recognized in history, and the various issues that raises for our understanding of black liberation struggles and American democracy. The three streams are low-income grassroots women’s struggles and lives, black women and black power, and black women in disreputable professions.

Dr. Williams is the award-winning author of The Politics of Public Housing: Black Women’s Struggles against Urban Inequality. Her research has addressed race and gender inequality in urban space, political and social activism, and illicit narcotics economies in the post-1940s U.S.  She is currently at work on Rethinking the Black Power Movement and is co-editor, with Heather A. Thompson, of the University of North Carolina book series,  Justice, Power and Politics.