WYCC, channel 20 in Chicago is premiering this program, ‘Reach for the Sky, The Story of Chicago’s Tuskegee Airmen’ on Sunday, Mar. 4th at 5:00p.m.  The show will re-air, March 10th at 7:p.m. and March. 18th at 8:p.m.  Welton Taylor is age 92, born Nov. 12, 1919, Birmingham, Alabama, the son of Fred and Cara.

In light of the recent movie, ‘Red Tails’, this t.v. documentary program is just a part of the continuing saga of the Tuskegee Airmen.  In talking with Welton, he says he’s been very busy.  He and other Tuskegee Airmen had today just returned from the official dedication of a stretch of I-57 highway between Saulk Trail and Markham as the “Tuskegee Highway”.  the tribute, attended by Governor Quinn and other dignitaries began at 168th Street and the Markham Courthouse.  Welton says that last weekend they were guest speakers at events in Milwaukee and tomorrow they’re off to events in Rockford.  They’re organization’s events raises money for their scholarship program.  They’re previously sponsored hundreds of students in schools and currently are supporting 5 youngsters in college.

Welton says he the last of the ‘liaison pilots’.   These were those trained to lead the bomber’s way.  He says that the first initial twelve miles of these flights were the most dangerous, but they felt that they just plowed their way through.  Their goal to protect those bombers.  These 66 pilots trained at Tuskegee University.

WYCC, channel 20 is the pbs station of the Chicago City College network.  Viewers outside Chicago should consult their own listing for day(s) and time(s).