Sherry Williams Jan 3 2016Sherry Williams is Founder and President of Bronzeville Historical Society.

The link below will take you to the personal reflection of Sherry’s  life in the Englewood Community of Chicago.

Sherry Williams Growing up in Englewood Post MLK, Jr. ©031215

Sherry Williams was born in 1960 at Cook County Hospital. Williams was raised in Englewood community. She moved to Bronzeville as an adult. Williams is Founder and Director of Bronzeville Historical Society. The office is located in the cottage building at Douglas Tomb State Historic Site – 636 East 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60616

Her writings include 100 Notable People and Places in Bronzeville. Williams portrays her 5th maternal grandmother Millie Cooper. Millie Cooper was a washer woman in the Civil War era. Bronzeville Historical Society provides year round tours on the Underground Railroad and also Bird watching tours on the parallels of African American
migration from the South and Bird Migration to Chicago.  312 428-8033