Bronzeville Veterans outnumber veterans in each of 77 communities in Chicago….Fighting on Both Fronts: The Story of the 370th

Hello Friends and Family of Veterans,

Check out my maternal grandfather Jesse Sanders in his WWII uniform.  He headed to combat along with paternal grandfather Jesse Green in 1942 only to learn that they would not be provided military service weapons.  Many Black soldiers faced harsh discrimination and worked to dig ditches, clean toilets, and retrieved the dead.  They worked in the harshest conditions in a segregated United States military.

I salute both my grandfathers, their fathers and the fathers and sons before and after them.  My fifth grandfather Nero Cooper served in the Civil War, both my brothers, all my uncles and great uncles and two baby daddies are veterans. (yep, I said it)

Bronzeville Historical Society will not host a Veterans Day gathering.  The office and archives is being packed for move to Illinois Institute of Technology.

Make sure you tune in to watch on WTTW the documentary Fighting on Both Fronts:  The Story of the 370th