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Bronzeville Historical Society is happy to announce the launch of Self-Genesis, a new book published by Mr. Chistro Dertease. The thought-provoking compilation is one of Byrd’s most recent works.  Dertease is an educator and beekeeper now living on the South Side of Chicago.

Here is an excerpt from the book

“I only ask that you pledge to keep your faith in YOU (no matter your religious affiliation or spiritual practices), be open-minded (you must be aware of what you know and what you may not know). And be consistent with yourself; go at the speed that you can truly commit to without excuses! Apply what you need at the moment and work through the steps. Lastly, love yourself be patient with whatever part of the Self you are working on. This is not just about spiritual growth but becoming a holistic, world-saving heroes/anti-heroes for our world, which many already are; ways to get involved will be covered last in „Ways to Launch the Age of Aquarius‟!

I am happy and honored to share, be prepared to have some fun! Thank you for your presence and have a wonderful journey to your GREATER Self. Ase’ “