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Afro Birders

Bronzeville Historical Society collaborative bird conservation work is due to the  amazing partnership with Pullman State Historic Site, Audubon Chicago Region, Celebrate Urban Birds, and the caretakers of the Johnson Bird Oasis, Mr. Earl and Mrs. Beverly Johnson.

The Johnson Bird Oasis began after my observing Mike Wagenbach, Site Manager at Pullman State Historic Site.  Mike always deliberately mowed the grasses at the Clock Tower factory to invite natural grasses and wildlife to flourish.  Mike warmly welcomed my suggestion to create the bird oasis.  Mr. & Mrs. Johnson adopted the site as caretakers.   Without Earl building the feeders, bird bath, and he and Beverly purchasing the bird food, the Oasis would not have thrived.  Audubon Chicago Region has brought in guides, bird identification charts, and ongoing coordinated bird outings for the public.  Funding is greatly needed.  Expenses have been met through individual donations.  We welcome bird food donations and welcome volunteers for upkeep of the bird oasis.


Celebrate Urban Birds

Together Green: 

The Pullam State Historic Site, including the Hotel Florence, is administered by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

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